BarCampCHS 2009 Sesssions
Time Lowcountry Innovation Center Collecta Active Modules O'Reilly Technica Social Media Foo Bar
10 - 11 Community News Online iPhone Development Career Transitions and the Social Web Cookies! Sell What's in Your Head Energy Consumption Monitors Tweet Corps Wordpress Open Topics XBox 360
11 - 12 Web Standards and Accessibility XMPP MAC 101 Amazon Cloud Computing Firebug Tips and Tricks Testing is for Weeneies - Unit Testing in PHP and PHPUnit Building Strong Communities with Social MEdia Energy Efficiency Through Automation Saving Ourselves from Nature Deficit Disorder
12 - 2 Lunch and Networking and Fun
2 - 3 Ruby on Rails using git Human Powered and Electric Transportation Video w/ DLSR Tech Tools for Changemakers Canon Hacking Dev Kit Rock Band Challenge empty Pirate Dojo empty
3 - 4 Belly Dance 101 Agile Development w/ Scrum empty Usability for Greater Good Siesta w/ Theresa Asp.NET MVC Bing API Storm Chasing w/ Social Media Magic the Gathering Erlang
4 - 5 Drupal Agile Development and Testing Intro to Geocaching Webcasts that don't suck Unix Command Line 001 Resolute Determination Beyond Twitter and Facebook BoaF: Online Artistic Portfolios empty
5 - 6 Desgning for your Audience Acceptance Tests for Agile Bacon Camp Improv Skills in Workplace Lessons from Linux Kernel Development Web Tools for Artists empty empty empty

3 to 4 PM, Team 342 demos the "Big Robot" in the big room downstairs
Team 342 demos the "Big Robot" in the big room downstairs

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